For people consumed with losing weight, surgery may seem like an easy option. Gastric bypass surgery has helped a number of people and has come to light in recent years due to a number of celebrities receiving this procedure.

Although a gastric bypass surgery may seem like an easy way to shed unwanted pounds, it is actually a very serious weight loss method and is not for most people. You should only consider gastric bypass surgery if you are very significantly overweight and need to lose the weight for medical reasons rather than for cosmetic reasons.

Gastric bypass, which is also known as stapling one’s stomach, works by decreasing the amount of food that can be held in the stomach. You lose weight because the food bypasses a part of the small intestine and decreases stomach size, which means that you physically can’t eat as much without vomiting. You also don’t absorb calories as readily, allowing these foods to leave the body naturally instead.

Before you choose gastric bypass surgery, you should consider all other options. First, try losing weight on your own using diet and exercise. This requires lots of will power, but is much easier and safer than gastric bypass surgery. You can also talk to your doctor about medications that could possible help you lose weight and alternative therapy techniques, like acupuncture and hypnosis.

If you and your doctor do decide that gastric bypass surgery s right for you, start by losing some weight on your own. The more weigh you can lose through diet and exercise, the easier the surgery will be on your body. You should follow all of your doctor’s recommendations at this point to ready yourself for surgery.

After the surgery, you will also need to continue diet control and exercise, complete physical therapy, and take any prescriptions your doctor tells you to take. The work you do after the surgery will help you to lose the weight you want to lose, and this work is not easy.

Gastric bypass surgery simply isn’t for everyone. Statistics show that as many as 10% of the people receiving gastric bypass surgery have medical complications, and even though these risks are decreasing with new technology, this is still a danger. Side effects could include infection, hernia, ulcers, blood clots, complications during the surgery, and even death. Make sure this is what you really need before you decide to go through with any type of procedure to help you lose weight.