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With the tremendous amounts of spam email sent these days, major ISPs and Email Services such as Yahoo!, MSN Hotmail, AOL and others are protecting themselves by filtering mail in the attempt to thwart spammers’ operations.

Unfortunately sometimes legitimate email (such as the one we just sent you) may be blocked by mistake by these filters. Such mistakes are called “false-positives”.

Normally this should not occur and you will receive our email without any problems. But in case there is a problem (such as our mail is not delivered to a proper mail folder, or worse yet doesn’t get delivered at all), you can easily fix this yourself and it will only take a minute!

Here is what to do…

  • Major ISPs and Email Providers (such as Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo! etc.) enable you to manually allow (“whitelist”) emails coming from the senders you trust.
  • Please take a moment to whitelist our email address to ensure that you can receive all of our email. This is very simple and will only take you a minute:
  • Please add our email addresses to the address book/trusted senders/contact list/safe list of your Email Provider or ISP.