The gym is never a fun place to be and most of us don’t like the idea of having to work out in front a a bunch of ripped bodies because it just intimidates us. For most people when they join a gym the only pounds they ever seem to lose are the ones they see disappearing out their bank balance each month. You don’t need all those fancy machines that look like mission control to lose weight, it can be done just as easily from your home.

Begin with exercise equipment basics, so make sure you get a mat to work out on and maybe something like an exercise ball too. Whilst lying flat on the floor and your hands touching the side of your head, bring your right elbow up to meet your left knee then swap and do the other side. Exercises like this are great for toning your abdominal area. Exercises like this and sit ups always have even better results if you can do them on a power plate. Power plates work by subjecting the body to thousands of tiny vibrations which cause the muscles to contract and relax which in turn strengthens them and therefore tones.

All the exercising in the world is not going to give you a flat stomach though, this needs to be achieved through your diet. You can do abdominal crunches till the cows come home but if you’re not eating right that flab isn’t going to shift. If you want to watch that weight soon start to melt you just need to remember two things. The first is to have five or six smaller meals throughout the day rather than just two or three big meals. Things like carbs and proteins are very healthy in moderation, in each meal these need to fit into the palm of your hand and fill the rest of the plate up with vegetables.