Almost everybody dreams of that Adriana Lima or Norman Reedus body. Media has really embedded a picture of what a hot, perfect and sexy body is. Everybody wants to look like the people they see on TV, magazines, tabloids and on the runway. This leads to increased demand for diet and slimming products like slimming tea, workout equipment and abs machine. Though it may seem dreamy and far from reality, this goal is actually achievable. Having that goal should be your kick off point.

If you have already set your goal as to your dream body, you can start off by planning how to get it. There are some shortcuts like surgery and all, but the best way is still the hard way.  You can go for crunches and sit ups with the help of this machine.

This means you really have to go through the hard road of diet and exercise. You should have your diet plan. This diet plan would also be more effective if paired with proper exercise.For instance, you can do more exercises in a machine abs if you want to have a shapely waist.

If you want to get those sexy abs, or want slimmer thighs, you have to do exercises for these parts. You can start up with some cardio exercises. Then you can go for the various toning exercises for each muscle group. Try to do more exercises for parts that need more work. 

For best results you should couple your exercise with the proper diet. Muscle toning or building would need a protein rich diet. For weight loss and muscle building, you can go for a high proetein low carb diet. This means you should eat more of white meat and vegetables and less of carbohydrate-rich foods like potatoes and bread. Fitness professionals recommend eating carbs before doing an exercise in your ab machine then eat protein rich foods after.