Some people would love to sit down in a cafe and get a recovery shake. Smoothies are perfect for tired and exhausted bodies. You can enjoy a variety of flavors  from light and fruity to heavy and thick.

While sipping you smoothie,  you would probably think how this dessert was discovered. Back to the early 1960s, smoothies are discovered when fruits were blended together and served at vegetarian restaurants in California. This idea is taken from Latin American regions where fruit was prominent.

An increased demand for healthy options in the 70s made smoothies a popular choice among natural food enthusiasts In the 80s, the fitness community caught on to the concept of natural foods, which marked the beginning of smoothie bars and shops. Smoothies became mainstream by the 1990s, they actually  had a simultaneous growth alongside fast food chains.

What are the ingredients in your smoothie?

Smoothies are often a healthy alternative to high-calorie desserts and meals–except, of course, when they are made with full-fat ice cream.
Smoothies is usually yogurt, frozen fruit, milk, frozen yogurt, shaved ice, water or ice cream.  They are also a good way to get a more fiber in your diet. High-fiber ingredients such as berries and apples can make a smoothie a healthy supplement considering fiber is a nutrient that’s lacking in a lot of diets.  Some of these add-in ingredients include protein powder, bee pollen, peanut butter, vitamins and coffee to name a few. They also work for all kinds of ailments and specificities such as brain function, muscle recovery, joint health,  bone strength and healthy skin.

Not all smoothies are all the same. Many people think smoothies are a healthy addition to their diet,  so it is always a good idea to read the ingredients and nutrition labels before purchasing. As a matter of fact, it can never replace a well-balanced diet.

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