Hemorrhoids are caused when the veins around the anus and rectum swell up. Hemorrhoids are caused by unhealthy eating habits, a lack of exercise and lifting heavy objects on a regular basis, among other things. This condition plagues tens of thousands of people the world over, but thankfully it is very possible to get rid of hemorrhoids without needing an operation.

Hemorrhoid creams, ointments and tables can be purchased without a prescription and it is available from pharmacies and internet retail sites. However, most of these medications simply eliminate the symptoms such as pain, itching and discomfort; they do little or nothing to deal with the hemorrhoids themselves. Hemorrhoids can be extremely painful, so one will naturally want medication that can provide relief from pain; however, the medication should not take the place of a hemorrhoids home remedy that will actually shrink the swollen veins.

A sitz bath can help to not only relieve discomfort but also bring down the swelling. One should fill this bath with warm water and then sit in it for anywhere from 15 minutes up to half an hour; one can use the bath several times a week or even daily as needed. Certain herbal teas can also help to cure hemorrhoids; one that is particularly effective is Box Holly, also known as Butcher’s Broom. This type of herbal tea should be prepared using hot water and one should not drink more than four cups a day.

Eliminating the Root Cause

Getting rid of the hemorrhoids is not enough; once a person has had this condition he or she will be susceptible to getting it again unless preventative measures are taken. One of the main causes of hemorrhoids is constipation, and constipation is usually comes when a person does not eat enough fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. A person who wants to avoid getting hemorrhoids should have a balanced diet; this involves not only avoiding junk foods and processed foods but also drinking plenty of water every day. Exercise is also important and ensures that the bowels function properly. Those who have a desk job should take five minute breaks every two or three hours. The body was not made to be in a sitting position for eight to ten hours a day, so one should take a few minutes every so often to stretch, go and get a cup of water or simply walk in place.

It will take time to get rid of hemorrhoids. The swollen veins will not immediately vanish, even if one is using an effective home remedy. This is why it is so important to prevent hemorrhoids in the first place. Exercising and eating healthy foods will enable the bowels to function properly and help a person to avoid getting hemorrhoids. One will also want to avoid regularly lifting heavy objects. Those who have hemorrhoids will want to find a good hemorrhoid cream or other medication that will eliminate the pain and discomfort caused by the hemorrhoids. However, it should be noted that creams, ointments and tablets only eliminate the symptoms and not the cause; for this reason it is best to also use a hemorrhoids home remedy that will cure the problem.


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