One sure-fire way on how to build muscle fast is to plan out an effective nutritional strategy for your muscle building process. It’s always best to keep in mind that optimal nutrition is very vital, as it would provide you with the needed stamina to help you endure the entire course of your intense and tiring training sessions. Not only that, it also plays a role in developing that ideal prime lean muscle without the unwanted flab on the side.

So when strategizing out your meal plan, one of the key nutrients that should be pernanently esconed in it is Protein. You see, why proteins are crucial is because they play a role in repairing and strengthening injured muscular tissue. Furthermore, they also encourage growth and development of new ones. But sadly, the body alone cannot produce the necessary levels of protein to accomodate your daily requirements. That is why you need to look for quality food sources that contain high amounts of protein so as to fill-in this discrepancy. Morever, if you’re truly serious about muscle building, it is particularly essential to supplement yourself at regular intervals. Why this is so is because of the fact that your nutritonal requirements are a lot higher than the average individual. Having said that, to keep up with these changes you have to amp up your protein intake.

Thus, an ideal strategy on how to build muscle fast and at the same time facilitate optimum repair and growth of muscular tissue is to consume about one to two grams of protein for every single pound of the person’s current weight. So take for example, if you currently weigh around 250lbs, then you’ll need to supplement yourself with 250-500 grams of protein daily so as to meet your daily requirements.

But what if we can’t afford those pricey protein supplements sold at the store? We all have our responsibilities so most of us can’t dish out the money to buy those types of things. Well, here’s a solution for you. Down below is a list of food sources that are sure to give you what is needed without spending loads of cash.

Protein Content: Five to seven grams / egg

It’s great if you don’t throw out the yolk as it’s a pretty good source of protein and vitamins but as it contains high levels of cholesterol, you need to lower your fat intake in order to keep things balanced.

  • Tuna / Canned Tuna

Protein Content: Thirty to Forty grams /100 grams serving

Canned tuna is very cheap and easy to procure but be sure to get the ones that are packaged in brine or water and not the ones mixed in oil.

  • Fresh Whole Milk

Protein Content: Eight to Ten grams / 1 glass

One fine point to remember on how to build muscle fast, especially for those skinny individuals, is to ensure progressive weight gain. Doing this would steadily provide a framework wherein you can develop the mass obtained into pure muscle. So it’s great to take a gallon of milk each day so as to not only provide you with the needed protein supplementation but also add the needed pounds to your lanky frame.

  • Ground Beef

Protein Content: Twenty Five Grams/ 100 grams serving

Pure lean beef is very expensive so this is a better alternative. Just make sure to rinse and boil it appropriately as it can reduce fat content from ground beef to at most 50%.

  • Dried Beans and Lentils

Protein Content: Twenty grams/cup

Aside from the fact that it has loads of protein, it is also an excellent source of soluble fiber. Definitely one of the must-haves in your diet plan as it is cheap and easy to obtain.

  • Turkey or Chicken Breast

Protein Content: Twenty Three – Twenty Five Grams/ 100 grams

While red meat can be a pretty good source of protein, it’s main disadvantage is that large of consumptions of such can predispose the indivdual to numerous health risks. So as to minimize this, a healthier option is to consume “white meat”, such as your chicken breast and turkey. Just make sure that you ditch the skin as it contains high levels of cholesterol in it.

  • Almonds

Protein Content: Twenty – Twenty Two grams/cup

One great thing about this is it’s not as allergenic as peanut butter. Plus, it’s highly rich in protein so it can serve as a great supplemental snack that you can munch on post-workouts.

As it had been said earlier, one definite technique on how to build muscle fast is to understand that proper nutrition is an integral aspect in the whole muscle building process. Futhermore, you should know how to allocate the right levels of nutrients, most especially in setting the right protein amount so as to ensure that you meet the necessary requirements and still keep your body in a constant, anabolic muscle building state. Some individuals may think its rather dull to read through these type of things and do those boring calcuations but honestly, it may be boring but it can not only save you loads of cash but it can ensure further progress in your muscle building program.