Whenever you decide to add a luscious cheesecake as your dessert, make sure its appearance on the plate is as elegant as the as the sweet morsel, itself. A meal, particularly at the finish, should stimulate the visual sense too. These are some thought, although you may add your own personal creativity.

New York Cheesecake: This is what most people would think of as the plain or “unflavored” cheesecake. Frankly, it is anything but! However, the taste will adjust well to nearly any accompaniment. Well, maybe not broccoli! I believe that you should consider picking up on the richness of this versatile cheesecake by putting a healthy amount of hot caramel topping around the plate.

Blueberry Cheesecake is a finish to the meal in which everyone delights. My favorite way to eat blueberries is with a a small amount of cream, so I recommend following a similar idea with blueberry cheesecakes. Place a small amount of whipped cream next to the slice. Your guests may then choose whether to indulge.

Turtle Cheesecake: This cheesecake has a variety of flavors incorporated, so it’s a good idea not to try to add yet another one. Instead, place just a few flower petals around the platter to add to the appearance. Yellow petals particularly enhance the color of the cake.

Pumpkin Cheesecake, a holiday season favorite, is even smoother than the more traditional pumpkin pie. Cut a festive hole in some paper–tree shaped or a five pointed star. Center the paper over the top of the slice. In the hole, gently shake cinnamon.

Sugar Free Cheesecakes–no sugar added: No matter what the flavor of the dessert, a mint sprig atop the widest part of the cheesecake wedge, will dress it up delightfully without adding any additional sweetness.

The visual appearance of the plate impacts the presentation as much as what you place on it. Of course, your everyday dishes will do the job. But the added storage space in modern homes permit many of us to keep specialty plates. People have unique salsa and chip servers, as opposed to the ubiquitous bowls. Why not choose plates that you use only for the special dessert times?

The appearance is affected not only by the contents of the dish but additionally by the nature of the platter, itself. Certainly, the small plates that are part of your china set will serve your purpose. But the additional storage areas in modern homes permit many of us to keep specialty plates. Many people have unique salsa and chip servers, instead of the old fashioned bowls. Why not get special serving pieces that you use for those spectacular dessert celebrations?

A great cheesecake is certainly worth the expense, even if it can not be your usual part of your diet. On those occasions when you are about to splurge, feast with your vision as well as the sense of taste!