Running, jogging, or even walking at a fast pace, at intervals is a great way to train the body . This is known as interval training. The difference between running, jogging and walking, is the intensity at which your body must work at to do each one.

Running at a fast pace uses a lot more energy (kilojoules) then when you walk, your lunges and heart are working much harder, and at a much greater capacity, to allow blood to flow, and oxygen to be delivered to all parts of the body. Comparing walking to running, running requires a lot higher level of fitness which in turn will help you burn more calories. .

The best part about going for a run/ jog is getting out there in your neighbourhood, find a football oval, run along the beach, around a lake, or whatever takes your fancy . I’m sure once you get out there you will find lots of great place to go for a run/ jog. I personally love Albert Park Lake its 5.3 km and takes me approximately 35 to 45 minutes depending on how hard I push myself. I give myself little goals to achieve. For example I would find a marker in front of me say 50 to 100 meter in front and I would run/jog to that point then reward myself by walking the next 100 meters. It was a great way to start interval training.

Try doing 3 minutes of walking at a fast pace then jog for 30 seconds and repeat . Do this for the first week.

In the second week incorporate jogging into your regime . Start out slow, jog for two minutes then slow down to a fast paced walk for 3 minutes. This allows the body to recover for some period of time. Slowly increase the time that you jog for. Jog for 3 minutes then slow down to a fast paced walk for 3 minutes. This allows your body to increase its level of fitness over a period of time. You will find that it will become easier as you become fitter. Slowly increase your interval training to include short periods of running. Running works the body a lot harder then jogging. Again run for a period of two minutes then slow down to a jog for 3 minutes. Gradually increase your level of intensity as you get more fit .

Another important piece of advice is to make you warm up and stretch properly before working out . Start out at a lower pace then increase the intensity at which you train at. It is also important to stretch your muscles when you have finished. Doing this before and after helps to avoid injury.

If you are doing this for weight loss it is important to change your diet to include, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meats and low fat diary products. Try your very best to avoid fast food and alcohol .