A diagnosis of cysts on ovaries has stirred fear in the hearts of thousands of girls.  Mistakenly, cyst ovaries are associated with ovarian cancer.  As a consequence many women become incapacitated with fear because they think that they may have cancer.  Let’s debunk the myths…

What Are Cysts?

An ovarian cyst is a liquid filled sac which has formed on either or both of the female ovaries.  They vary in size ranging from tiny to abnormally enormous.  They’re common during a woman’s reproductive lifespan and are a particularly standard part of the reproductive cycle.  While there are many types of ovarian cysts, some cause major health issues and others are innocuous.

If a lot of cysts on ovaries are harmless why do so many women panic when they have them?  Here are four sound reasons that will dispell your fear and taking action far easier.

1.  Ovarian cyst is an exceedingly common finding – During ovulation, when the egg is released, a cyst that produces hormones necessary for a kid to be conceived is left behind.  These cysts generally measure less than 3 cms and aren’t distressing.  Nonetheless there’s always the exception to the rule and for a small proportion of girls the pain during ovulation can range all the way from mild to serious.  This is termed mittlesmerch and generally lasts only 24-36 hours.

2.  Functional cysts – Functional cysts ( those which can cause pain ) will almost always resolve on their own and are treated with pain medication – not surgery.

3.  Most cyst on ovaries are benign ( not cancer ) – as well as the functional cyst the most commonplace cysts are hemorrhagic ovarian cysts, dermoid cysts and endometriomas and they do not progress into ovarian cancers.

4.  Ovarian cyst treatment options change.  Surgery is not the only option.  It’s feasible to be told how to permanently get rid of your ovarian cysts and prevent their recurrence.

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