As our country gains weight at an alarming rate, we are spending more every year on goods that promise us simple, effortless weight loss. Each year in the United States, an estimated thirty-five billion dollars is spent each yr on weight loss goods. The issue is that in spite of headlines that feed our hopes that a new, secret, ‘better’ weight reduction formula has been discovered, the truth is there are no easy solutions to losing weight.

Simply put, weight loss is really a combination of lifestyle choices, & is the result of a firm commitment to making and maintaining them over a period of time. Any goods that provide weight reduction without reduced caloric intake and increasing activity levels are fraudulent- and a waste of cash.

Why Do People Purchase Goods That are Frauds?

Denise Bruner, MD, MPH, FASBP is a specialist in fat loss, and a fellow in the American Society of Bariatric Physicians. She shares one of the major reasons that weight reduction frauds flourish these days: “We live in a society these days that wants immediate gratification. This is reflected in our willingness to purchase from those that promise ‘instant results'”.

The growing obesity in our society, and hopes that weight loss could be achieved with out lifestyle changes fuels the growth of frauds. Bruner states, “In the U.S., currently 61 per cent of the population is overweight, and the numbers are going up. There’s a huge market out there for weight loss products. After all, it appeals to us to find out that you can lose 30 lbs. in 30 days. We do not wish to have to deprive ourselves of our favorite foods, & want something that will ‘magically’ absorb the calories.”

Jeannette Kopko, Senior Vice President of the Better Business Bureau for Dallas & Northeast Texas, agrees that illegitimate fat loss goods feed on false promises: “People are fooled by these scams because they hope that they aren’t frauds. They hope that they are genuine, and are an easier, faster, painless method to lose weight.”

With the huge demand for weight reduction products (and their revenues), companies are more than willing to become suppliers-whether or not their goods function. Kopko states, “The number of businesses hawking bogus supplements & fat reduction products is growing rapidly in recent years.”

Why Aren’t They Stopped?

With the huge numbers of weight reduction & Kidney Disease Diet plan frauds available (it only takes opening up a magazine, or surfing the Web to view some), the question of why they’re allowed to continue is raised.

Kopko says, “I get a lot of calls from individuals who ask, ‘Why isn’t something being carried out?’ about a scam. Basically, the answer is: until we receive complaints, a fraud can’t be investigated.” She adds that many times, individuals who are scammed do not file reports. They do not want the bother, or they do not know where to turn. The complaints we get are probably only a fraction from the issue that’s out there.

How you can Guard Yourself From Scams

One of the greatest techniques of protecting yourself from fat loss scams or any other diet scams including Kidney Disease Diet plan would be to seek medical advice from a qualified doctor who specializes in fat reduction (bariatric medicine). At times, this means first coming to terms having a realistic view of fat reduction. Dr. Bruner states, “Losing weight isn’t simple or easy.

Basically, it means reducing calories and exercising, but it should be individualized to the person’s needs. For instance, the person with insulin resistance wants a higher protein, lower carbohydrate diet plan so they won’t feel that they’re starving; and those with allergies (for example to wheat or yeast) will require a diet plan that avoids these items.

To guard your self from scams, check the item out first with your doctor. And if possible, try to steer clear of impulse buying. First investigate the product and the company’s reliability with consumer organizations. This can conserve you needless expense & disappointment in the long run.

Another method of avoiding frauds is to visit websites that examine client frauds-and check out a business prior to buying. Kopko states, “The Much better Company Bureau is a participant with the Sentinel Database (online at which permits consumers & law enforcement to view trends & complaints against companies. You are able to also go on-line to our national web site at to check out a company nationally. Just click on the ‘consumer info’ link, and look up diet fads and scams that have been reported.”

Weight loss scams are on the rise, and the numbers of businesses using fraudulent advertising are multiplying. By taking the time to carefully investigate a business & its products, and selecting to work with a qualified doctor on your weight reduction objectives, you can conserve yourself needless expense and disappointment. Best of all, you can get started on the road to genuine, achievable weight reduction goals while maintaining good health.

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