Hawaiian noni juice is produced from noni fruit trees brought to Hawaii by Hawai’I Loa. It was one of twenty seven species of plants that he thought was vital for their new life in the Hawaiian Islands. The amount of sun and rain on the islands are just perfect for the noni tree. Hawaiian noni juice is made from these noni fruits ripened naturally and in an open natural environment. A lot of noni juice producers even harvest the fruits by hand.

The best Hawaiian noni juice is made from the pulp of the noni fruit, not the bark of the tree, fallen fruit, leaves or seeds. Now I am warning you that pure noni juice smells absolutely horrible and tastes even worse. It is perfectly fine to mix it with fruit juices so that it is actually palatable. You can even buy Hawaiian noni juice already mixed with different fruit juices.

The noni juice is highly touted as a very nutritious food drink supplement which is rich in valuable mineral and nutrients that our bodies can benefit from. One of the more important noni juice health benefits is the ability of the juice to provide relief to various skin conditions such as rashes and allergies. It is also believed as a cure to some illnesses albeit it is best that you consult your doctor or health provider when you intend to use noni juice for medical purposes.

The Noni fruit has large amounts of proxeronine which is transformed into xeronine by our bodies. Xeronine is then used by our bodies to heal cells. Research suggests that there are many problems that xeronine has shown to help heal as arthritis, ulcers, senility, blood vessel problems, high blood pressure, poor digestion, depression, and muscle damage .

The fruit Noni also more chemicals, fifteen of them, which are classified as preventive cancer. They are antitumour on breast, cervix, the two points, the gastrointestinal tract, lung, pancreas, prostate and stomach. It is also antiulcer.