Piles or hemorrhoids are tissues stuffed with arteries lining the colon and the anus.  The term is frequently used to refer to venous swelling close to the anus or anus.

Let’s come clean – If you’re subjected to piles ( or hemorrhoids as they are called as well ) then you are suffering double.

First of all, piles can be terribly uncomfortable to endure, and they are frequently even painful.  

And 2nd of all, this is an embarrassing problem.  A lot of people who have piles opt to suffer needlessly and not talk about this major inconvenience.  It has also been reported by quite a few sufferers that the condition had a unwanted impact on their sex lives.

Fortunately , today we have got the Internet, where we can research issues and solutions that we are too embarrassed to talk about to our friends and family.

So what sorts of piles treatment are available?  Well of course there are the well-known creams and ointments.  And if you’re experiencing a long term and particularly large swelling, it may be mandatory for you to bear ( minor ) surgery or laser care.

Another choice to lose piles is elastic tie ligation ( “rubber banding” ).  This indicates that an elastic tie gets placed around the base of the haemorrhoid to stop the blood supply to it.

One of the handiest home cures for piles treatment is banana, which is a natural laxative.  It helps to melt the stool and makes its passage simpler and painless.  If taken early in the morning, it can ensure correct bowel movements.  Then, Ginger and onion are two easily available products, that can be used for piles treatment at home.  Just mix a small amount ( little spoon ) of ginger juice with equal amount ( 1 teaspoon ) of lime and mint juice.  Then add some honey to it and take it for some days.  It might surely relieve the pain associated with piles.  Some other natural treatments for haemorrhoid are buttermilk, turnip, spinach and carrot juice, jambul fruit, chebulic myroblan, papaya, pileen and so on.

Over the past one or two years though, there were some fascinating developments in the sphere of piles treatment, so surgery is unquestionably not the “be all and end all” when it comes to pile treatments.

These days you definitely have options when it comes to treating hemorrhoids.

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