Pork is a fantastic meat that provides lots of nutritional benefits. Pork is a main ingredient for many favourite dishes and there are so many recipes which would not be complete without using this fantastic meat. You will be able to get so much more from pork by following some of the tips below which are some of the best in the world. 

  • If you want to lose weight then you would be best sticking to pork loin cuts. Weight watchers should also cut off all excess fat before cooking. Those who want to stew this meat would do well to let it sit for a while after cooking so all the excess fat will rise to the surface because this can then be scooped off.
  • It is recommended that you always cook pork to 160 degrees Fahrenheit (71 degrees Celsius). This is to ensure that it is fully cooked and that it is safe to eat. It is also suggested that you cook pork for twenty minutes per pound of meat.
  • Purchase a meat thermometer to always ensure that your pork has reached the right temperature.
  • You could be risking food poisoning if you re-freeze pork again once you have defrosted it so this should never ever be done.
  • It is possible to store fresh pork in your fridge for as long as four days don’t leave it any longer than this though. Pork can be kept in the freezer for about six months.
  • It is best to cook pork with bones slowly because this way you will soften up the collagen and create really tasty meat.
  • Boiling or grilling pork instead of frying is a much healthier way to eat it. Pork that has been cooked in oil is not really a good option for those trying to lose weight.

Hopefully the above tips will ensure that you really do get the most from this amazing meat.

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