Prolixus is purported by the web site to become the brand new formulation discovered by three health-related college students with the ONLY tissue stimulating method within the world with clinically tested ingredients. Prolixus, according to its website, claim to increase penis thickness and girth and may increase penis size of as much as 5 inches within weeks. Prolixus contains effective formulation that not just increase penis girth and size, it also improve sexual want, improve sexual well being and cure erectile dysfunction


At the time of this review, the ingredients for Prolixus are not produced accessible, either via the manufacturer’s official website or the a number of retailers who are presently offering the formula for sale. The components are, however, said to become all organic and plant derived.

Prolixus Review Summary

Prolixus is a dietary supplement designed to improve the thickness of a man’s penis. Based on the official web site, the girth of the penis is what provides a lady ultimate pleasure and getting a skinny penis could be disappointing both towards the man who owns it and his partner. By increasing the size with the penis, the maker of Prolixus says that a person will be more sexually assured along with a lady will be much more happy by her companion. The method for this product was allegedly discovered by three former medical students who state there’s no way possible to elongate the penis and that length isn’t all that important anyhow.


The maker of Prolixus is anxious with one region of male enhancement: penis growth. By generating the penis wider and thicker, they state, they are able to improve many aspects of a man’s sexual satisfaction. They claim an increased penis dimension can lead to higher sexual confidence which can, in flip, improve a man’s overall sexual health. This increased girth has also been proven, according to the supplement’s official web site, to deliver numerous orgasms to ladies.


Prolixus can be found on the company’s official web site, as well as at many complement retailer sites on the internet. Simply because of this, costs are stated to vary as businesses compete for clients. Around the official website, in the writing of this review, we find a one month supply of Prolixus becoming sold for $76.ninety nine. The manufacturer also currently provides pricing specials for men who select to purchase numerous bottles.


Prolixus is really a male enhancement supplement that was developed by three former medical students. They state, around the official web site, that they wanted to produce a item that could change men’s lives. The outcome is Prolixus, a complement intended to improve the girth of a man’s penis. According to the manufacturer, girth is what makes a man’s penis much more pleasurable to his companion. Prolixus can be discovered on the official website and at several extra retailer sites at the time of this review.