The oldest product in weight loss pills industry is appetite suppressant. For you who do not know, weight loss pills can be categorized in three groups :

• Fat Blocker;
• Fat Binder; or
• Appetite Suppressant.

Appetite suppressant pill is very useful to help you hold your hunger. Our main problem usually is the desire to eat more and more. We often eat at night because we feel hungry. With appetite suppressant pill, you can press your desire to eat more than normal proportion.

It’s very useful although it’s the oldest kind of all diet products. Usually they are already prescribed and they have some minor side effects. But lately there are some good and natural appetite suppressant pills on the market. They have no side effects at all because they are natural.

Something natural is always better than chemical products. Before 2004, there were very few natural diet products. Most of them could help us to lose 40-50 pounds but they were also very dangerous due to the side effects. But four years later (now), we are seeing big revolution in weight loss industry. Now there are so many safe appetite suppressant and fat binder pills.

However before you go out and buy something, consider this, the most readily available appetite suppressant is water. It is low in sodium, fat free, natural and contains no cholesterol or calories. Water helps you to metabolize fat and improves your energy level. It is abundant and costs very little. However despite all these benefits, very few of us drink enough. Water will help you lose weight, as when you drink sufficient, you will feel full sooner.

Another natural appetite suppressant is exercise. Most people consider that exercise gives you a large appetite. This could not be further from the truth, as when you exercise regularly, you are more likely to have a healthy, normal appetite. One of the reasons for this is that exercise releases fat and glucose, which is stored for energy, from your body tissues. This cause your glucose levels to remain constant, and so you won’t feel hungry.

Another way in which exercise works as an appetite suppressant is because it slows down the passage of food through your digestive tract. This means your stomach will empty slowly, leaving you feeling fuller for longer. As many people turn to food for comfort, and exercise reduces anxiety, this means you are less likely to turn to a snack.