No set formula for eating will be able to keep your Diabetes Type 2 in check.  Individuals must determine the best workable combination for their own health management. There are some particular rules that will help you make the right choices though. Your food choices need to be healthy ones. Diabetes brings additional risk of heart disease, stroke, and other severe health issues. Making healthy food choice will benefit your diabetes as well as help avoid the other health issues. Eat a variety of foods as well. Do’nt think that a diet made mainly of protein will help you avoid blood glucose levels spikes. The main problem with that diet is that it can drop your blood glucose readings and bring on ketoacidosis.

Mix up what is on your plate at each meal or snack. Combine carbohydrates with the healthy fats and proteins. Make sure you get raw fruits and vegetables as well. Eating fiber rich foods will help regulate how fast your body absorbs glucose. Make sure you choose healthy plant-based fats over meat fats when possible. That will help keep cholesterol in check. Add alot of whole grains to your diet regimen as well. They absorb much slower than their refined cousins absorb and they contain fiber.

How you eat is as critical as what you eat. Set up a regular routine for meals and snacks spaced between about 3 and 5 hours apart. This will help keep your glucose levels steady. Don’t eat overlarge meals. It is certainly better to have several smaller sized meals instead of a couple large ones. Portion control of all types of food will also help keep glucose levels steady as well. It is not a good idea to skip meals. You might think it will help you lose weight. However, you will also face glucose problems instead. Getting into a pattern will help your body naturally regulate blood glucose levels. Getting out of pattern will then cause the opposite problem.

One very important habit to form is to read labels constantly. You will be surprised at the portions of empty calories you are consuming each day. If you find sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or anything that hints at containing sugar within the first few ingredients, don’t think about that food product. Look for the healthy ingredients near the top. Another good habit to now start is constant fluid hydration. Dehydration enhancesType 2 Diabetes treatment and management. Drink water constantly throughout the day and avoid or limit sugary drinks. Caffeine can actually dehydrate you even in coffee, tea, or soda form.  All this will help you better control your Blood Glucose and Diabetes condition.