Has your pregnancy suddenly become a large pain in the bottom?  You may have already checked with your Obstetrician about your hemorrhoids and were given very few options.  Hemorrhoids during pregnancy treatment options are very limited.  Here are a few ideas to help you stop the pain and start enjoying your pregnancy again.

As your Ob/Gyn explained, most medical procedures are not an option during pregnancy.  They consider the risk to be too high and the benefits too low.  Even certain over the counter medications are forbidden and all others require a consultation with your Doctor.

Your Doctor probably already recommended a few ideas, but warned you not to expect great success.  Their recommendations may have included changes in diet and an over the counter hemorrhoid remedy.  Follow their advice, but realize these suggestions are unlikely to result in a cure to your hemorrhoids.

An option you can explore for yourself is supplementing your diet.  Many herbs are effective at reducing the effects of hemorrhoids and even helping the body to cure itself.  These herbs are safe to use while pregnant and breastfeeding, making them ideal for you.

A few of the common herbs are ones you have heard of before.  Witch Hazel is often used due to the soothing anti-inflammatory properties.  You have probably seen it used in solutions for dry irritated skin.  Cayenne pepper is commonly recommended since it causes increased circulation to heal the distressed veins causing your hemorrhoids.  The other common herb you are sure to know is Ginger.  Ginger is another anti-inflammatory herb plus aids in circulation.  It is commonly recommended to help with morning sickness and is very beneficial in treating hemorrhoids.

Those three commonly know herbs when combined with a series of other herbs create a natural hemorrhoids treatment which is safe for pregnant women and highly effective.  If you have any worries about your babies safety due to the chemicals or pharmaceutical ingredients in other medications consider the natural option.

Listen to your Doctor’s advice, but listen to your own intuition, too.  You know natural ingredients are safer for you and your baby.  Choosing the right hemorrhoids during pregnancy treatment should leave you feeling confident and secure.  With the natural herbal choice you can have a hemorrhoid cure which keeps your smiling and gives you the relief you want.  The final choice is yours, do what is right for you.